Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Umm, Do I Still Know How To Do This?? (OOTD)

Hey pretty girls/women, it’s been sooo long…well 3 months and a few days to be exact.  Needless to say, I’ve missed doing this but I needed a break.  Not because I was stressed, but because I kind of got bored with it.  I think in order to keep things fresh, one must keep the initial passion that they started with.  Sometimes, the only way to keep the passion is to take a break…so that’s what I did.  During my hiatus I was still reading keeping up with my blogs, and obsessing over how awesome all of you truly are.  You know, one of the cool things about taking a break from the blog, was the fact that my wallet got a break as well and I’m not complaining about that.  Now that I’m back, I have a new found respect for shopping on a budget and I’ve really been enjoying going to stores on a whim and making great finds that I probably would have never found if I was trying to buy full outfits all at once.  Okay, enough about me…how have you been?  Are you enjoying life? I hope so!!

Well here is my lil’ baby outfit…I hope you like it!!




Outfit Stats
Floral Cardigan, Swan Necklace, & Jeans-F21
Black Tank-Old Navy
Yellow Tank-American Eagle
Black Wedges-Target (Clearance)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Love You Guys!!

Hey pretty ladies, I haven't been able to post much becasue I'm having mad computer problems.  But I just want to wish you all rediculously late Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!  Thank you sooo much to the people that have recently followed me on Twitter as well as here on Thicky Chicky.  I seriously love you guys and all of your blogs.  Stick with me as I will be back to blogging and doing YouTube Vids really soon.  Oh and did I tell you that I love you...yeah cuz I really do!!


Monday, October 10, 2011

Guilty Pleasure Monday’s

So I have to be honest…as always…today was a ridiculously lazy day.  I woke up this morning thinking about what I could post and what could I wear, but I ended up lounging in bed until about 10.  Doesn’t sound too bad right?  Well, it gets worse.  I got out of bed, only to move my operation into the living room…haha.  I made breakfast, watched Green Acres…then all I remember is waking up to Steve Wilkos yelling about something or other.  I didn’t shower until like 6…hahaha, I’m horrible I know, I blame it all on my husband (he makes me lazy).  But, out of my laziness came the question of the day.

What is/are your guilty pleasure(s)?

Mines are my bed, bacon cheeseburgers, coffee,video games, and PJ’s.  I think I may be lazy by nature, but I seldom give in the the “dark side”.  But lets just be honest, If I didn’t have to put on real clothes, I probably never would. 

Thanks for reading…I love you guys!!


P.S. Here’s a picture of me in my “natural state”…yeah I know that you guys like pictures a little more than words…hahaha.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cheers To The Weekend (OOTD)

Hey guys!! Here we are again…at the end of a beautiful weekend.  Today I went to church and we were blessed to have our Bishop in the house.  He ministered on the importance of seeking God before you make each and every decision.  Then I went to my mom’s house, where I was hoping to get a nice meal.  However, all I ended up with was a turkey sandwich.  But it was okay…at least I wasn’t hungry anymore.  Then I decided to go to the store and buy some turkey of my own…and I’m going to have to start a series on my misadventures in the grocery store, because they are quite funny.

So for my outfit…I have been trying to wear this skirt ever since I got it, back in July.  But, I wanted to wait until I had some different shoes…enter the black boots that I purchased yesterday. YAY!!  I liked the way this outfit turned out, because I really love purple and yellow together.  I wish I could have found a better yellow top, but I had no luck…so I had to settle with this yellow tee that I got from Old Navy awhile back.  But, it was a pretty fun outfit for a Sunday.   

What is your favorite part about the weekend?
Mine is being able to spend the whole day with my husband.  He works 10 hour days during the week, so it’s nice to be able to have him all to myself during the weekend.
Thanks for reading…I love you guys!!



Outfit Stats
Top-Old Navy

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Shopping

Happy Saturday Pretty Missy’s!!!  I pray that your weekend is absolutely adorable.  Here is a short VLOG I put together to show you how I spent my Saturday.  One word CLEARANCE!!!  In light of today’s post being all about shopping…lets get to todays question.

What is your least favorite thing about shopping?

Find out my answer in the video.  Thanks for reading…I love you guys!!


Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Finds (Featuring Forever 21+ & Betsey Johnson)

So I guess a better title for this post would be, “Stuff I Want”…but since I want to try to be professional or whatever, “Friday Finds” will have to do.  This morning I woke up with the goodness of the Lord on my mind, so I prayed and read my Bible, then proceeded with fellowship time with my Heavenly Father.  You know, He absolutely loves helping me find cute AND affordable clothes.  It’s something that we do together often.  So anyway, these are pictures of some of the things I want/need.(*wink, wink*)  Everything is from Forever 21+, except for the Maggi Shoes from Betsey Johnson that I am absolutely smitten with. 

As I was online “window shopping”, I came to the realization that I am quite fond of pieces that are synched at the waist.  Of course, it gives the appearance of a slimmer waistline…which I’m not all that concerned with…but more importantly, a synched waist makes for an easy addition of a chunky belt.  And I’ve already declared my gross infatuation with belts, so I won’t go there again.  I know that you can add a belt to pretty much anything, but I think belts added to pieces with bulky material, only makes for a bulky and lumpy look, which are both “no-no’s”.  So in light of this list of stuff I want…lets get to the question of the day.

What will be your next fashion purchase?
For me, it will definitely be these Betsey Johnson pumps.  I’ve been waiting around for awhile…wanting them to go on more of a sale I guess.  They are $99.00 regularly, but there is a website called 6p.m. that has them for $63.00.  I want to get both pair, so we shall see.

Click on the pictures to go shopping!

Thanks for reading…I love you guys!!




Thursday, October 6, 2011

All I Need In This Life Of Trends…Is Me And My Sweatpants

It’s day 3 of my 28 Days of Blogging Challenge.  I had a nice relaxing day…you know the normal stuff.  My favorite lunch (Veggie Eggroll…yumm-o), cartoons, light cleaning, and of course my favorite pair of sweats.  What’s a relaxing day with a nice comfy pair of sweats…right?  The weather here was perfect today…70 and sunny.  Every time it’s 70 and sunny, I think about that Danity Kane song from their first album…I think it’s called “Want It”, but I’m not sure.  (Sorry for the random info…haha).

Anyway, I finally used my new polish today…and I loooove it.  But, I normally like all OPI by Nicole polishes.  Except for the ones that are so light, I have to put on like 3 coats in order for it to show up.  This color is called “Iceberg Lotus”, and it’s a rich turquoise color with a shimmer.  I used a  color called “The Next CEO” as my accent color, I thought the shimmer from the gold looked pretty with the turquoise.

Todays QOTD

Name a piece of clothing that you can’t do without?

That’s an easy one!!! Dresses…I don’t think I could function without cute dresses.  I think I can credit that to laziness.  It’s so easy to throw on a dress add some accessories and hit the road.  Unlike when you deal with skirts and jeans, you have to think about tops and what not.  So yeah, definitely dresses.

Thanks for reading…I love you guys!!